Photoshoot : Mongolian Yurts

Mongolian Yurts, Keld, Photoshoot by Bevolee

Here are some photographs from a shoot I recently done at Keld Bunk Barn and Yurts. They've installed fantastic new log burners in their gorgeous and extremely cosy Mongolian yurts - they now have a total of 5 of them due to their increasing popularity!

Mongolian Yurts, Keld, North Yorkshire, Photoshoot by Bevolee
Ian and Michelle have made some great changes to their site since the last time I did a photo shoot. They've renovated an outbuilding/barn into a practical and inviting communal kitchen and dining area, as well as providing three high quality washrooms at the back. Another amazing addition is the walkway to access the beautiful, private waterfall - such a perfect place to take a splash on a hot day, or to just enjoy the views and sounds of the gushing Swale.

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