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FYI : Away from Studio

Up, up and away! Balloon illustration - Bevolee

Just a notice that I will be away from my studio from Monday 15th August until Monday 5th September, so any queries sent during that time will be dealt with as soon as possible on my return. My apologies in advance for any inconveniences that this may cause, but thank you for your understanding!

My current state of mind is like this balloon... it's a little bit floaty.

Envelope Wedding Invitation

Bespoke Watercolour Pastel Envelope Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

I get a buzz from designing something that's off-the-wall, so I wanted to experiment with an idea that has been brewing in my noggin and bring it to life for our own wedding stationery. I was (and still am) an addicted pen-pal writer as a child and absolutely adored writing in those letter-combined-envelopes or 'letterlopes', which I often call them. I was thinking that this idea could be quite nifty for wedding stationery and cut down on wasting on an external envelope (as well as reducing the cost, if I may add!).

Mixed pastel colours, in particular blush pink, lavender and mint are pretty much the theme for our wedding, as they are also the colours of the bridesmaids dresses and the confetti in the balloons! I also love watercolours and often paint in that medium - I love their effect when soaked into textured paper and the tones they produced when layered. The invitations were printed on thick textured paper often used for watercolour painting.

When my printed invitations arrived through the post, I almost had to be picked off the floor - they looked gorgeous! What I needed to do next was fold them, cut out the 'RSVP' and 'Detail' circle cards, pop the circles cards and the small pre-stamped envelopes into the letterlopes... and to finish it off, seal it with a personalised sticker!

Bespoke Watercolour Pastel Envelope Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

Bespoke Watercolour Pastel Envelope Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

Bespoke Watercolour Pastel Envelope Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

What do you think? It's pretty neat, huh?

If you're inspired or would love me to design bespoke and memorable wedding stationery for your big day, why not drop me a message on my contact page or in the comment section below?

Swaledale Meadows

Swaledale Wild Flower Meadow - Photography by Bevolee

It's that time of the year when the fields of Swaledale burst into bloom presenting a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers, which include Buttercup, Clover, Knapweed and Yarrow. Many tourists from all over the world visit these meadows to appreciate its wonders, but their blossom is short-lived. The flowers fade away and are then eventually cut to be transformed into hay bales around July/August as feed for the farm animals.

This photo of the meadow flowers in full bloom was taken in the field that our marquee will be set up on for our wedding day. I just hope there's good weather, not just for the wedding (we are planning for wet weather, just in case!), but also for a good yield of hay this year! 

Photoshoot : Ginger Tree

Zetland Estate, Richmond - Ginger Tree Photo Shoot by Bevolee

Here are some photographs of a photo shoot I did at the handsome Zetland Estate on the outskirts of Richmond, North Yorkshire. I was approached by the lovely Kathy from Ginger Tree to produce images of her business and services, including its tranquil surroundings (you can't ask for a better place to unwind and pamper yourself!). 

Ginger Tree Photography Shoot Collage by Bevolee

Ginger Tree provides holistic health and beauty treatments, which involves relaxing massages to skin care facials, as well as offering nail, hair and make-up treatments.

Gate Fold Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut Initials Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

I recently purchased a desktop laser cutter and been having lots of fun zapping away at various types of materials (here's a video of my laser cutter at work)! Sadly it doesn't have the strength to cut through acrylic or thick wood, but it can engrave on them. Paper and card is the main material I send through the laser cutter and I have been experimenting with designs to make exquisite and delicate gate-folded wedding invitations! This one design features the initials of the couple amongst an array of floral patterns. The tidbits of information are then placed inside and the gates are then closed and tied with a jute bow.

In certain lights and angles the shadows make a beautiful effect... Simple, yet effective!

Laser Cut Initials Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

I've also cut a grey version of the design. The colour of the card can match the colour theme of the wedding...

Laser Cut Initials Wedding Stationery by Bevolee

Fallen head over heels with laser cut wedding stationery? If you would love me to design bespoke laser cut invitations for your big day, give me a shout and I'll fire up the lasers!

Photoshoot : Mongolian Yurts

Mongolian Yurts, Keld, Photoshoot by Bevolee

Here are some photographs from a shoot I recently done at Keld Bunk Barn and Yurts. They've installed fantastic new log burners in their gorgeous and extremely cosy Mongolian yurts - they now have a total of 5 of them due to their increasing popularity!

Mongolian Yurts, Keld, North Yorkshire, Photoshoot by Bevolee
Ian and Michelle have made some great changes to their site since the last time I did a photo shoot. They've renovated an outbuilding/barn into a practical and inviting communal kitchen and dining area, as well as providing three high quality washrooms at the back. Another amazing addition is the walkway to access the beautiful, private waterfall - such a perfect place to take a splash on a hot day, or to just enjoy the views and sounds of the gushing Swale.

"Pencil Us In!" Save the Date Invites

Pencil us in! Save the Date Wedding Stationery with Personalised Pencil

Gary and I are tying the knot next year so I jumped at the opportunity to design some Save the Date postcards, which presents a little personalised pencil to remind our guests to jot us on their calendars!

The postcard features a blush pink watercolour effect on Tintoresso Gesso paper. The mini personalised pencil, that features our names and wedding date in gold foil, is held in place with Gold Glitter Washi Tape (much better and less fiddly than ribbon). The envelope is slightly transparent, where the material has a very similar texture to tracing paper, and it also has the benefits of being waterproof!

This was such a fun Save the Date stationery to design! I hope to create many more (other people's wedding stationery, of course!). If you are looking for creative and playful stationery for your big day, I can be of assistance!